Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zombie Dice

Here's a fun little game you can play with almost any age of kid.  My daughter was 7 when we started playing it, and 2 years later she still likes it now and again.

The goal is to get 13 brains.  On your turn you draw 3 dice from the cup and roll them.  The dice will have one of three results : brain, shotgun blast, or roll again.  Get 13 brains and you win.  Get 3 shotgun blasts and your turn is over AND YOU LOSE ALL YOUR BRAINS!  Variability is added via 3 colors of dice : red, yellow and green. Red has the most shotgun blast sides, green has the most brain sides. Hence, green dice are preferred.

The most enjoyment comes from seeing how far you can push your luck.. Say you have 2 shotgun blasts so far, and 11 brains.  Your opponent has 1 blast, 12 brains.  Most green dice have been used, so it's mostly red and yellow dice left in the cup.  Do you push your luck with one more draw this turn, or hope your opponent pushes her luck and loses all her brains?

Simple game, plays quickly. Check it out.

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